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What is Configuration Management Software?

What is Configuration Management Software?

The fenestration industry is all around us, in our homes, our offices, and our schools. Any urban centre or rural township is in part built by the efforts of this thriving industry. Look out your window or open your door and you'll see it right there, plain as day. After all, window and door manufacturing is the backbone of the fenestration industry.

 facilitate the smooth operation and continued production of quality fittings, many firms involved in fenestration have taken to using advanced configuration technology. This is a type of program that has been specifically designed with the unique needs of the industry in mind.

The overarching goal of this software is to promote profitability and growth through streamlining the production cycle and reducing costs along the way. This is accomplished through a number of novel innovations that make configuration management software an absolute must for any serious fenestration manufacturer.

One of the prime advancements included in this type of software is 3D configuration technology. This allows the user to engage in the engineering of model creations, dictating their own parameters to form unique product offerings. The user is able to control the shape or size of their creation, alter materials, colour, or any other functional or aesthetic input. The end result is a perfect scaled mock up of the product, which can be altered further or sent for production if everything is modelled correctly.

Configuration management software aids your bottom line by providing an interface that encompasses all essential business activities. Through the program you can order raw materials of any type, keep track of inventory, monitor shipping and orders currently in progress, and manage the on-going production process. The layout of the interface is also completely customisable to suit your preferences, giving you total user control. Through the sum of these functions, fenestration firms utilising this software are able to design and manufacture product lines with greater efficiency, while eliminating unnecessary waste during production.

The real beauty of configuration management software is that the way you choose to use it is entirely up to you. Some firms have created a built in knowledge database, maintained through the program, which has cut down on the time taken to train new employees. Other firms choose to use it as a means of quality control, catching any potential human errors before they reach the production stage. All companies have surely taken advantage of the ability to automatically calculate and project costs and measurements for incoming or outgoing quotes. The point is, in an increasingly competitive environment, this software is a way for fenestration firms to become more efficient and less wasteful.

Author: Chris Hopper
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